Micro-credential: Introductory Volunteer Management

Designed by Volunteer Maine and University of Maine Cooperative Extension, this online training is for individuals getting started in a volunteer management role. Three self-paced courses make up the Introductory Volunteer Management micro-credential. 

Level 1, which takes about four hours to complete, provides an overview of what a volunteer manager does and explores aspects of volunteerism in Maine. It also introduces the seven competencies of volunteer management.

Level 2 dives deeper into each of the seven competencies and typically takes approximately 10-12 hours.

Level 3 is an opportunity to demonstrate the learner’s competencies through a self-designed volunteer management project.

Learners earn micro-badges for each level and a micro-credential once all three levels are completed. The micro-credential showcases competency in volunteer management, an essential skill in Maine’s nonprofit, education and public sectors.

The micro-credential course is open to any learner, whether a working professional, a volunteer leader managing other volunteers, a student looking to complement their academic program, or other interested community members.

Register at the program website, under “Growing Maine” at discover.maine.edu. There is a sliding scale fee of $15 to $50 for each badge level and scholarships are available.