In October 1994, twenty-five citizens were appointed by Governor McKernan to serve as the inaugural Commission members. Since then, each Governor has appointed an average of nine people each year to fill naturally occurring vacancies on the board.

Commissioner terms of service are three years with an option for re-appointment. The Commissioners are a diverse, bipartisan group of citizens, actively engaged in community service, and represent every region of the state. They elect officers from their membership and the officers serve two-year terms.

The seats on the board are designated in statute such that each person represents at least one facet of the community volunteer service sector.

Commissioners Serving Now

Photo of Jenifer Tilton-Flood

Jenni Tilton-Flood, Chair
Dairy Farmer/Cabot Creamery Co-op Spokesperson
Seat 15: A representative of business

Photo of Luke Shorty

Luke Shorty, Chair-elect
Executive Director, Lee Academy
Seat 23: An educator; a representative of a local education agency

Photo of Pamela Proulx-Curry

Pamela Proulx-Curry, Vice Chair
Old Town
Educator - Advising/Credentialing, United Technologies Center
Seat 11: A representative of the State's volunteer community

Photo of Celeste Branham

F. Celeste Branham, Immediate Past Chair
V.P. for Student Services, University of Maine Farmington (retired)
Seat 20: Educators, including representatives from institutions of higher education and local education agencies

Photo of Ryan Almy 

Ryan Almy 
South Portland
Associate Attorney, Bernstein Shur
Seat 1: A representative of business

Photo of Susan Asselin Hawthorne

Susan Asselin Hawthorne
Volunteer and Internship Director, Sweetser
Seat 10: An individual with expertise in the education, training and development needs of youth, particularly disadvantaged youth

Photo of Edward Barrett

Edward Barrett 
City Administrator, City of Lewiston (retired)
Seat 17: Expert in the delivery of human services to communities and people 

Photo of Susan Cheesman

Susan Cheesman
Concord, NH
Senior Portfolio Manager, AmeriCorps Northeast Region Office
Seat 24: Ex officio A nonvoting liaison designated by the federal AmeriCorps office

Photo of Peter Doak

Peter Doak
Columbia Falls
Seat 16: Representative of out-of-school or at-risk youth

Photo of Julia Fiori

Julia Fiori
Student, Bowdoin College
Seat 6: An individual age 16 to 25 who is a participant in a service program for youth

Photo of Stacie Haines

Stacie Haines
Development Director, Maine Conservation Voters
Seat 9: Expert in the delivery of environmental services to communities and persons

Photo of Matthew L'Italien

Matthew L'Italien
Project director, Somerset Public Health
Seat 25: A representative of a community-based agency or organization

Zachary Maher

Zachary Maher
Community Development Manager, City of Auburn
Seat 19: A representative of local government

Photo of Robert Meinders

Robert Meinders
Aroostook Agency on Aging Board, RSVP Advisory Committee
Seat 7: A representative of a national service program

Photo of Jessica Nixon

Jessica Nixon
Chief of Staff, Maine Department of Education
Seat 2: The Commissioner of Education or his/her designee

Photo of John Portela

John Portela
Sandblaster, Bath Iron Works
Seat 4: Representative of a local labor organization

Photo of Nathaniel Rudy

Nathaniel Rudy
Town Manager, Gray
Seat 21:  A representative of local government

Vacant Seats

Seat 3: Experience in the Promoting of Adults Aged 55 and over in National Service and Volunteerism
Seat 5: An individual age 16 to 25 who is a participant in a service program for youth
Seat 8: A representative of the State's volunteer community
Seat 12:  Expert in the delivery of human services in communities
Seat 13: Representative of a community-based organization
Seat 14: Expert in the delivery of educational services to communities and people
Seat 18: A representative of public safety
Seat 22: A representative of the State's volunteer community