Maine Climate Corps

Green circle with pine tree and north star plus words "Dirigo" and "Maine Climate Corps."The Maine Climate Corps is a strategy to meet the ambitious goals in Maine Won't Wait, the State's Climate Action Plan. Volunteerism and service is a defining characteristic of Maine communities, and climate action to date has been championed by countless volunteers. 

The Maine Climate Corps is an opportunity for more Mainers to intensely focus on helping the state achieve its climate goals, while also strengthening community resiliency, and offering participants opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Why serve? 

  • Take action and address local issues now.
  • Make a tangible difference for the future.
  • Gain professional experience, access training, and grow your network.
  • Earn benefits to support your service term.
What do members do?

Maine Climate Corps programs take action in 8 areas: 

  • coastal zone
  • transportation
  • energy 
  • housing 
  • land and freshwater preservation 
  • community resilience 
  • education 
  • public health

Members daily activities vary across the different programs and position types, but some activities might include: 

  • Installing erosion control measures on shorelines to make them more resilient
  • Mapping and analyzing transportation networks including trails or public transit
  • Educating the community about energy efficiency
  • Building and maintaining trails to ensure their sustainability despite stronger and more frequent storms
  • ..And much more! 
What programs have service positions? 


Maine Climate Corps programs are independently operated by statewide or community-based organizations. Check out the Maine Climate Corps Network and visit their individual websites to find out about open positions and recruitment timelines. 

American Climate Corps Logo

Additionally, the Maine Climate Corps Network is an implementing partner of the American Climate Corps. The American Climate Corps (ACC) launched in 2024 and aims to put a new generation of Americans to work conserving our lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, advancing environmental justice, deploying clean energy, implementing energy efficient technologies, and tackling climate change. To find positions in the ACC please visit their website


Contact the Maine Climate Corps Coordinator

Kirsten Brewer
Phone: (207) 624-7792