Public Policy Task Force

The members convened at 8:30 am using the virtual meeting technology. 

PRESENT: Luke Shorty, Jenni Tilton-Flood, Maryalice Crofton

Discussion followed the standing agenda.
I. State Legislation
It was noted that Appropriations Committee has been cancelling meetings because legislative sessions are going well into night. 
Status of all bills. No changes from two weeks ago but several support letters are known to have been sent to key legislators.

  • LD 142 – on Appropriations table, letter delivered 6/14.
  • LD 143 – on Appropriations table, Maine Conservation Voters letter with 436 signatures delivered, and commission letter delivered 6/14.
  • LD 666 – on Appropriations table, public support letter with 31 signatures delivered 6/1.
  • LD 1260 passed and is a resolve so we just continue doing the work.
  • LD1573 not reported out of committee. Looking as if it will die in committee.

II. Federal Legislation
Federal budget and impact of “Fiscal Responsibility Act” is next on monitoring. The pivot is immediate. Also, ASC has requested that Maryalice join them in a meeting with Senator Collins’ staff member, Lara Rosner, on June 14.

III. Other
At the next full board meeting, Luke will move to be chair of the Commission and needs to narrow the number of Task Forces he chairs. Jenni agreed to take over Public Policy. It isn’t going to continue to meet bi-weekly once the state legislature adjourns. She will organize things after June 16.

As with other task forces, this one needs members and can involve people not on the board. Current members will be asked to recruit so there’s a full set after the next 10 weeks. Jenni would like to see this task force manage the national service day at the Capitol event.

There being no other items to discuss the members dispersed at 9:07 am.