Maine Service Fellows

July 18, 2019


PRESENT: Ed Barrett, Libby Hite, Maryalice Crofton, Orion Breen, Bryan Roche

Introduce Bryan Roche  
Role at MCCS – Communications Officers

  1. 60/40 split – 40% MVF/MSF, 60% Communication work at MCCS. Focused on the annual conference and 25th anniversary celebration. 
  2. Role with MVF/MSF – Developing Communications Plan for MVF to guide us through the startup of MSF. Will work closely with the Grad Assistant.

Graduate Assistant

  1. Currently recruiting. The position description has been circulated for distribution through our networks.
  2. Much like a planning grant, this position will pull together all items necessary to pilot the program – i.e. policies, procedures, applications, forms, training etc.

Update on Maine Volunteer Foundation

  1. Conversations have been taking place with some potential supporters. The topics focused around the role of the fellow as well as the Gala (which will benefit the MVF and potentially engage an Executive Director position).
  2. 2 prime funder opportunities on the horizon. Our contacts are waiting for appropriate timing to make the pitch.
  3. Everyone is excited to get the GA into place, to keep track of development.

Next Steps

  1. Conversations with organizations working in age friendly communities.  
    - Orion –reach back out to Maine Community Foundation, Maine Health Access Foundation.  
    - Resend revised one-pager service description. 
    - Site Application – working on that draft. Hoping to get that ready for the GA to move forward.  
    -Send out Bryan’s contact information.  

August – no meeting.  

Meeting adjourned at – 1:25 pm