Excellence and Expertise Task Force: May 2021

PRESENT: Susan Hawthorne (chair), Pam Proulx-Curry

Staff: M. Ashmore, K. Preecs

The meeting opened at 1:30 pm by teleconference

1. Welcome & Introductions- SUE

  • Introductions
  • Meetings
    • Date &  time – Group discussed meeting time and made the determination to keep meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at 1:30pm.  It was noted that the postponement of the two recent meetings has impacted the ability of members to participate
    • What do we hope to accomplish? Group discussed purpose: ”Provide meaningful feedback to staff and help shape and address training issues, including program training and TA, technology supports, and volunteer manager and agency training”.

2. Professional Development Fund

  • Review of applications
    • Application one (1) – consensus: we will contact to clarify but we want to support as needed. KP will contact
    • Application two (2) – applicant is a commissioner and therefor has a COI. However, the Commission has a budget to support Commissioner learning and the application will be forwarded to the ED for consideration.
  • Adjustments to Application process
    • The group discussed a variety of ways to increase participation and simplify the application process.
    • 1. Change the requirement for a supervisor approved professional development plan.  Make this less formal, indicate that it is part of the individual’s professional growth.
    • 2. Make it easier for superviors to support the application. Create to a form that can be used by supervisors to quickly confirm two key elements – confirmation of the individual’s role meets the fund requirements and that the agency will support their portion of the funding
    • 3. Add a clarification option to the application for those working in small agencies without defined supervisors or in a role where they are the supervisor
    • 4. Add the NYLC “Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice” link to the new option for S-L practitioners and add a link to the Program Director Competencies for applicants who are national service program staff
    • 5. Expand stated eligibility criteria to include S-L practitioners
    • The group also discussed the merits the two year experience criterion and opted to keep it as is
    • MA will work the BR to add updates to the website for review at the next meeting

3. Competency Self-assessment

  • The PD Fund discussion led to a conversation about the desire for there to be a way for individuals to self-assess against the Volunteer Management Competencies and the Program Director Competencies. Learning what you don’t already know and helping individuals to track learning against the competencies.
    • A recommendation was made to create a web-based form for self-assessment for both competencies based on the rubrics built into them
    • MA noted that a program like survey monkey can be set to generate a “score” or a profile for individuals using the tool.  He would look at the possibilities and set up a test.

4. Governor’s Service Awards

  • KP offered a status report on GSA
    • She noted that she is looking for reviewers. Group recommended reaching out to Commissioners via the Hub prior to the next board meeting
    • She has received 18 nominations, most arefor volunteer of the year but there are some in other categories as well
    • Planning is to host the event remotely this spring, potentially increase the availability of the Governor to present the awards

5. Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference (October)

  • KP offered a status report on MVLC planning
    • Sponsorship Flyer updated
    • There has been a change to highest level of sponsorship request (3 instead of 5K)
    • On the recommendation of committee member PPC, KP has approached TJ Holloway (Holloway Group) as keynote 
    • Group discussed possible sponsors and will check to determine the sponsor of the member conference this spring
    • Also discussed was the functionality of the ASC conference platform and how it interacted with ZOOM. PPC noted that the zoom webinar function has a strong suite of tools.  KP noted that she is working to make sure that there are options for presentation formats and encourage more interactive sessions
    • The group noted especially that they liked the “stages” function at the ASC conference.

6. Service Enterprise Update

  • MA & KP updated the group on the upcoming SE cohort
    • Cohort established – MOU’s out
    • Timing: SEDs in summer and training in Sept/Oct

The meeting ended at 2:53 pm