Office Administrator: May 2022

Supported Executive Director
•    Outreach to Commissioners, consultants, and business partners.
•    Managed contracts, P.O.s, and D.O.s in Advantage ME for vendors.
•    Processed invoices daily. 
•    Resolved payment and accounting issues with DAFS and vendors.
•    Reconciled P-card expense reports.
•    Billing corrections.
•    Prepared materials for Commission meeting, calculated Commissioner match funds
•    Imputed survey data from Commissioner survey into Survey Monkey.
•    Delivered Commissioner appointment documentation to Maine Secretary of State
•    Commission minutes for May 2022
•    Attended regular meetings for DOE's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. 
•    DEI Ambassador Training
•    SISGI’s DEI online course
•    Found final deadlines for FY 21-22 and shared with team
•    Created and disseminated report forms to grantees to track unexpended funds from their AmeriCorps grants
Supported Grants Officer
•    Contract revisions in Advantage for Main Street Skowhegan amendment
•    Approved PERS, Fixed Amount invoices, and prepared grantee invoices for approval.
Supported Communications Officer
•    Amendment to consultant contract.
•    Prepared Blueberry Broadcasting CT in Advantage and obtained signatures.

Supported Program Development and Training Officer
•    Procurement support.
•    Sorted and mailed AmeriCorps member conference t-shirts
Supported Program Officer for Volunteer Sector Initiatives:
•    Invoices/Billing.

Issues to be aware of:

Major focus of effort for next month:
The Office Administrator will become an advanced user of Excel

Prepared by Nathan McIvor, Office Administrator