Grants Officer: December 2021

Major projects completed:

  • Processed all GPR’s in order to report out to the Federal agency, GPR’s were filed at the end of December for Formula and Competitive programs
  • Sent out the Cooperative Agreement for signature to Game Loft
  • Meeting with KVCAP’s program director to discuss enrollment, recruitment and to review Q3 & Q4 GPR’s
  • Processed contracts through the state procurement systems for GPCOG and MEAP, also updated detail accounting where it was missing
  • Worked with the admin secretary to set up contracts for Maine Youth Alliance and Main Street Skowhegan
  • Finalized the financial review for KVCAP, MDF and GPCOG
  • Sent out the Cooperative agreements for signature for Maine Conservation Corps and Main Street Skowhegan
  • Reviewed and approved budget for GPCOG in the new year 2021-2022
  • Assisted AYCC finance staff with getting PER’s and reimbursements corrected
  • Meeting with GPCOG PD to discuss GPR issues and NSCHC information
  • Meeting with Nicole in DAFS to set up funding codes for AmeriCorps programs and to set up the ARPA funding codes
  • Final classes completed for the State Volunteer and Donation Management Training offered by FEMA, in Waterbury-Stowe Vermont
  • Attended and participated in the State Service Commission Civic Reflection discussion for December
  • Processing of PER’s and reimbursement request for all AmeriCorps programs

Issues to be aware of:

  • The Commission has been randomly selected by the AmeriCorps’ Office of the Chief Risk Officer (OCRO)for their agency’s FY 2022 payment integrity assessment under the Payment Integrity Information Act (PIIA); the agency is currently looking at the FFR’s for the 18ACHME001 prime, which includes Learning Works, the Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship, and Healthy Acadia

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Developing civic reflection training  material for AmeriCorps members to be delivered monthly
  • Continued an ongoing review and process of Periodic Expense Reports (PER’s), Periodic Income Reports (PIR’s), Aggregated Financial Reports (AFR’s) and Grantee Progress Reports (GPR’s) along with corresponding reimbursement requests
  • Finish processing GPR’s that needed to be corrected and resubmitted