Grant Officer: May 2022

Submitted by Jamie McFaul, Grants Officer

Major projects completed:

•    Site visit with UMaine Center on Aging program director to review AmeriCorps member files and discuss progress reports.
•    Posted the fixed amount continuation assessments for Maine Youth Alliance, Main Street Skowhegan, Trekkers, UMaine Center on Aging, and the Town of Van Buren for the grants task force. 
•    Reviewed and approved of the Maine Development Foundations’ corrective action report about recruitment. 
•    Review of all grantee progress reports; the performance measures and Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. 
•    Meeting with Greater Portland Council of Governments to discuss recruitment and their upcoming continuation year plan.
•    Meeting with the Town of Van Buren staff about GPR’s. 
•    Worked with Trekkers finance staff to discuss fixed amount grant invoices and the timing of their processing. 
•    Attended and participated in the ASC Eastern Regional National Conference held in Burlington Vermont (3 days) .
•    Attended building Inclusive Leadership and the Understanding of Staff Roles in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the State Commission Level with Thenera Bailey and Lisl Hacker. 
•    Meeting with the DOE planning grant applicant to discuss necessary corrections to their application.
•    Meeting with Greater Portland Council of Governments Program (GPCOG) Director to go answer their continuation questions. 
•    Discussion with Program Director from Main Street Skowhegan about a potential early member exit. 
•    Continued compliance for further requests from Learning Works with AmeriCorps Integrity Improper Payments and Compliance Program Analyst .
•    Processing of PER’s and reimbursement request for all AmeriCorps programs.
•    Continuation instructions sent out to Maine Development Foundation along with a corrective action.
•    Grants task force public and private meeting four continuation and planning grant consensus and drafting the motions for the full Commission meeting.

Issues to be aware of:
•    Maine Development Foundation has decided not to continue due to lack of staff capacity. 
•    Working with the Executive Director and State Procurement to improve RFP competitive process. 

Major focus of effort for the next month:
•    Setting up AmeriCorps virtual and in person site visits for the end of June beginning of July. 
•    Close-out of 18AFHME001, Cost reimbursement awards.
•    Continued an ongoing review and process of Periodic Expense Reports (PER’s), Periodic Income Reports (PIR’s), Aggregated Financial Reports (AFR’s) and Grantee Progress Reports (GPR’s) along with corresponding reimbursement requests.
•    AmeriCorps site visits to review member files.
•    Getting documents to begin setting up contracts.