Communications Officer: May 2022

Major projects completed

  • Testing, repairs and updates to Volunteer Maine Website after a multitude of issues arose from a major update initiated by the contracted developer.
  • Finished design of Maine Volunteer Roll of Honor ad, which was placed in Bangor Daily News on May 10.
  • Helped to facilitate media request for Climate Corps Coordinator on for Energy News Network and helped to prepare Climate Corps Coordinator for interview.
  • Established part one of 2022 PSA contract and edited and placed announcements with Blueberry Broadcasting Company, which is set to earn a 4-1 match.
  • Produced, edited and distributed the first episode of Volunteer 207 video series.
  • Collaborated with Program Officer to update Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference website, as well as distributing information on call for proposals.
  • Produced Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference sponsorship opportunity one-pager and used contents to update a version for the website.
  • Produced and distributed Commission appointments press release.
  • Completed distribution of ceremony replays and follow up media from Governor's Awards for Service and Volunteerism. 

Issues to be aware of

  • Communications Officer's vacation: During the month of June, the Communications Officer will be on vacation from June 15 - June 26, returning Monday June 27.

Major focus of effort in the next month

  • AmeriCorps funding announcement press release.
  • June edition of "Volunteer Fare" newsletter.
  • Ongoing work to update press release/news distribution lists to include updated list of commissioners, MVF Board members, and other supporters both in state government and AmeriCorps Federal agency.
  • Finishing editing to episodes two and three of Volunteer 207.
  • Planning outreach and recruitment visits.
  • Continuing to assist Program Officer for Volunteer Sector Initiatives with content planning for Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference.
  • Assisting Climate Corps Coordinator with media related items that might be faced in early months of the position.
  • Working with video vendor to get creative work from final AmeriCorps recruitment projects before contract ends in June.
  • Training Administrative Support Specialist in setup of public meeting live stream setup.
  • Organic social media campaign to bring awareness to AmeriCorps.
  • Preparing for FY 2023.

Other activity

  • Staffed Communications Task Force May meeting.
  • Staffed MVF May meeting.

Prepared by Communications Officer Bryan Roche