Communications Officer: June 2022

Major projects completed

  • Edited, produced and distributed episode two of Volunteer 207.
  • Edited and produced episode three of Volunteer 207 (to be distributed in July).
  • Assisting Climate Corps Coordinator with interview request from Energy News Network.
  • Produced and distributed press release on new Commission appointments, earning coverage from the Bangor Daily News.
  • Trained Administrative Support Specialist in setup of public meeting live stream setup.
  • Scheduled and executed social media posts to bring awareness to AmeriCorps.
  • Collaborated with video vendor and leadership at Educare Central Maine to make necessary edits to recruitment video.

Issues to be aware of

  • Acquiring missing Q4 2021 affidavits from Maine Association of Broadcasters: The Communications Officer continues to work with MAB to get documentation that can be submitted for match under the VGF grant. The Communications Officer has offered to help sort through any found documentation to help speed up the process.
  • Due to scheduling conflicts, the Communications Task Force did not meet in June. The group will convene as scheduled in July.

Major focus of effort in the next month

  • Getting quotes for AmeriCorps/service corps advertising opportunities from publications, theatres, airports, and bus/transit services.
  • Collaborating with staff to determine best images to use in upcoming AmeriCorps/service corps advertisements.
  • Promotion of CMV course.
  • Finishing AmeriCorps funding announcement press release.
  • "Volunteer Fare" newsletter reboot.
  • Ongoing work to update press release/news distribution lists to include updated list of commissioners, MVF Board members, and other supporters both in state government and AmeriCorps Federal agency.
  • Continued research around planning outreach and recruitment visits.
  • Continuing to assist Program Officer for Volunteer Sector Initiatives with content planning for Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference.

Prepared by Communications Officer Bryan Roche