Climate Corps Coordinator: July 2023

Major Projects:
Recruit participants for Maine Climate Corps Network. 
Supported Climate Corps grantee with launch of program
Met with contacts in local government, state government, federal government, Maine organizations, and national service programs. 
Met with potential applicants for AmeriCorps grants and conducted outreach.
Researched federal funding opportunities
Attended staff meetings and trainings.
Attended ASC Climate Corps workgroup.
Attended regional NPS youth corps meeting. 
Participated in Micro-credential Volunteer Management development meetings. 
Supported Climate Corps Task Force meeting. 

Upcoming Project Focus:
Plan for potential Federal funding opportunities for climate corps. 
Continuing to meet and have calls with representatives of Maine organizations, national service, state government, etc. 
Develop materials for Volunteer Management Microcredential course. 
Recruit programs to join Maine Climate Corps Network
Support new grantee on Climate Corps program launch, conduct mid-year monitoring and report review