Climate Corps Coordinator: July 2022

Major Projects:

  • Met with key contacts in local government, Maine organizations, and national service programs. 
  • Hosted follow-up scoping meeting for Energy Education and Home Energy Conservation Climate Corps Program. Finalized report and 4 service activity models. 
  • Hosted multiple orientations for new R&E Task Force members.
  • Developed ideas for workforce development programming in conjunction with Climate Corps efforts. 
  • Attended SOS Training event with ED of TransNet
  • Writing and development of RFA for new state-funded Climate Corps (LD 1974). 

Upcoming Project Focus:

  • Invited to help with interviews of DACF VISTA Program Director
  • Outreach and engagement to generate interest in AmeriCorps Planning Grant Opportunity in alignment with Climate Corps priorities. 
  • Continuing to meet and have calls with representatives of Maine organizations, national service, state government, etc. 
  • Attending DOE Educator’s Summit
  • Northeast Regional Discussion with other Commissions about Climate Corps Opportunities
  • AmeriCorps Symposium (Virtual)


  • Attended Research & Evaluation Task Force Meeting
  • Attended AmeriCorps Technical Assistance Session
  • Attended staff meetings
  • Attended ASC Climate Corps workgroup
  • Attended Partnership for Civilian Climate Corps meeting

Prepared by Kirsten Brewer.