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The Faces Behind Service Enterprise

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Service Enterprise is a national initiative sponsored by Points of Light. Points of Light mobilizes millions of volunteers worldwide, increases the impact of volunteers, leverages the power of volunteers to solve specific problems, and creates a culture that supports and encourages more volunteers.

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Service Enterprise was initially developed by CaliforniaVolunteers, the state service commission serving the State of California. Their goal was to create a model to expand the capacity of nonprofits. CaliforniaVolunteers was a recipient of a Volunteer Generation Fund grant that made the initiative possible.

Points of Light Works with the Following Partners to Implement the Initiative:

  • AmeriCorps (formerly Corporation for National and Community Service)
  • Reimagining Service – a national, multi-sector coalition dedicated to increasing social impact through effective volunteer engagement practices
  • RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin
  • TCC Group – a national program and evaluation firm that develops strategies and programs that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and corporate citizenship programs to achieve social impact
  • Algorhythm – a cooperative impact science organization that combines social science, outcome measurement, next generation analytics and technology, to place highly accurate and actionable insights into the hands of social change agents 

Research Conducted by Deloitte and the TTC Group Indetified these 5 Key Findings about Service Enterprise:

  1. All organizational capacities are significantly and markedly stronger for nonprofits with a strong volunteer management model
  2. When organizations engage and manage any number of volunteers well, they are significantly better led and managed
  3. Service Enterprises not only lead and manage better, they are significantly more adaptable, sustainable and capable of going to scale
  4. Operating as a Service Enterprise requires strong and well-developed human resources management practices
  5. Organizations that engage volunteers are equally as effective as their peers without volunteers, but at almost half the median budget