December 2021

The mission of Volunteer Maine, the state service commission, is to foster and inspire community service and volunteerism to address critical needs in the State of Maine.

NOTICE: Regular Business Meeting

Friday, December 17, 2021

Maine Govt East Campus, 19 Elkins Lane Rm 110, Augusta, ME 04333
Virtually using this link: 

All business meetings are open to the public who may attend either in person or using the link above. If attending in person, note that all persons who will be physically present in Room 110 need to wear a mask as a sign of concern and respect for everyone in attendance. 

The parking lot for 19 Elkins Lane faces the former Eastside Wellness Center and Harlow Building. Entrance to Elkins is through the Williams Pavilion. Use Arsenal Street to enter the campus. 

This link shows the location of the building on the campus.

Map for Driving Directions 

Public Comment: Anyone who wishes to participate in the public comment using technology is asked to register by sending an email to by 8 am on Friday, December 17, 2021. Individuals who will be present in the meeting room do not need to register.

Time Topic Leader
10:00 Public Comment Tilton-Flood
Business Meeting
10:15 Call to Order Titlton-Flood
10:16 Welcome, Announcements, Agenda Adjustments
1. Introductions
2. Quiz Answer
3. Announcements and Appreciations
- Commission work plan is final and posted.
4. Additions or Deletions to Agenda
5. Motion to approve Consent Agenda
Consent Agenda 
10:30 A. Business Minutes 
Moved that the minutes of the Commission meeting on November 19, 2021 be approved.
B. Executive Committee
Moved that the report of the Executive Committee meeting for December 9, 2021 be accepted.
B. Excellence and Expertise Task Force
Moved that the report of the Excellence and Expertise Task Force meeting for December 1, 2021 be accepted.
Planning and Future Initiatives   
10:32 No items for this meeting  
Focus on Mission Responsibilities
10:32 No items for this meeting  
Business Reports
(Reports submitted are posted.)
10:32 A. Grant Selection and Performance Task Force
1. Recommendations on new AmeriCorps proposals
2. Recommendation on AmeriCorps Continuation for Maine Conservation Corps
3. Report on recommended feedback for AmeriCorps Public Health national direct proposals
4. Motion to express appreciation to Peer Reviewers for their work
5. Other
11:00 B. Excellence and Expertise Task Force
1. Update if needed. 
11:05 C. Communications Task Force
1. Update from meeting
11:10 D. Research and Evaluation Task Force
1. Update on public input, report to legislature
2. Draft recommendations for Climate Corps
11:20 E. Maine Service Fellows Task Force
1. Update from meeting
11:25 F. National Public Policy Committees of states
1. States for Service
2. America's Service Commissions
11:35 G. Board DEI Subcommittee
1. Update from meeting
11:45 H. AmeriCorps (federal agency) update Cheesman  
11:50 I. Commission staff reports
1. Climate Corps draft report 
2.Updates as needed
Business Wrap Up
12:00 pm A. Check-in on hybrid meeting experience
B. Reminder: Next meeting - February 18; Complete meeting evaluation/feedback form.
C. Adjourn
Reports & Drafts

Meeting Schedules

View Calendar Notices Here

To facilitate board communication and assure compliance with the requirements for public notice, all Volunteer Maine meetings and work sessions will be posted on this site's Calendar as well as the State of Maine Legislative Calendar.

Task Force chairs are asked to check the dates/times/locations for their groups and notify staff of any changes.

As Volunteer Maine adds new staff and commissioners, we hope this central posting will help us all avoid "double booking" and, at the same time, make communication with partners smoother.


1. Business meeting minutes: November 2021

2. Executive Committee meeting:  December 2021 

3. Grant Selection and Performance:  December reports are in the form of grant reports below.
New Applications:   Kennebec Valley Community Action/Educare ME;     2) Goodwill Industries of Northern New England  
Continuation: Maine Conservation Corps
Public Health (AmeriCorps National Directs):  Feedback Recommendations

4. Communications:  TB

5. Excellence and Expertise: December 2021  

6. Research and Evaluation: meets after board meeting


MCCS Team Report:

Grant Programs Officer:  Current

Program Development and Training Officer: Current

Communications Officer: Current

Climate Corps Planner:  Current

Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives: Current

Office Administrator: Current (none this month)


These items are either background for some of the discussions and/or at the Commission meeting or information on national or regional issues that may impact the Commission.

2022 Commission Workplan:  Copy for Task Force Use

Final policy on remote participation in Commission business meetings 

Commish's Quiz

Commissioner Quiz

More than a contest, this is part of the "in-service education" for Commission board members.

Commission Members should: email their response before 5 pm Thursday, December 16, 2021!

Send your answers to All correct answers will be well rewarded at the meeting.

This Month's Challenge

This is a holiday present to all Commissioners - a very easy challenge but a memory test..

Q: When did the Maine Commission for Community Service start doing business as Volunteer Maine? Submit the Month and the Year.

For "extra credit": In what year did the Commission change fiscal agents from State Planning Office to Maine Dept. of Education?