October 2020

The mission of Volunteer Maine, the state service commission, is to foster and inspire community service and volunteerism to address critical needs in the State of Maine.

NOTICE: Regular Business Meeting

October, September 16, 2020
As authorized under Sec. G-1. 1 MRSA §403-A, the Commission will convene using technology. Commission meetings are open to the public. Members of the public can access the meeting use this phone number and code:  929 205 6099 , code: 886 6645 0988#; password: 688181# . A request to make a public comments may be submitted by email to Service.Commission [at] maine.gov any time before 9:00 am on October 16, 2020. 

Time Topic Leader
10:00 Public Comment Period Branham
10:10 Call to Order Branham
10:12 Welcome, Announcements, Agenda Adjustments
1. Introductions
2. Swearing In New Commissioners: Options
3. Quiz Answer
4. Announcements and Appreciations
a. Orientation overview for new members
b. Draft Facilitator Notes from board retreat sent to members. Next steps.
c. Assessment of successful and unsuccessful AmeriCorps grantees: summary of findings and recommendations sent to all members for information but Grants will take the lead on next steps.
d. Difference in today's meeting
5. Additions, Deletions, Changes to Agenda
6. Motion to approve the agenda including consent agenda
Consent Agenda (reports/minutes listed here can be found on the "Reports & Drafts" tab above.
10:30 A. Minutes
Moved that the minutes of the Commission meeting on September 24, 2020 be approved.
B. Executive Committee
Moved that the report of the Executive Committee meeting for October 6 be accepted.
 Focus on Mission Responsibilities 
10:35 A. Inspector General Audit
1.  Update.
B. Other
Branham, Crofton
Business Reports
(Reports submitted are posted.)
10:40 A. Grant Selection and Performance
1. No report expected
10:42 B. National Public Policy issues
1. Report from ASC committee 
2. Other
Portela and
10:50 C. Communications Task Force
1. Update on education award legislation exploration
2. Proposed data elements for Commission's new home page
3. Other
11:00 D. Financial Oversight
1. Proposed office budget for 2021
2. Other
11:10 E. Volunteer Maine Staff
1. State budget reductions and changes
2. Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference
3. Other
11:15 G. CNCS Update
1. Other
Planning and Future Initiatives
11:20 A.  Establishing Commission Funding Priorities for 2021-2026
1. Summary of research done in preparation for this 
2. Context for decisions: When state priorities would apply; What is addressed in current grants
3. First consideration: Community driven or Focused investment
4. Next consideration: Matching priorities to opportunities
5. Plan for priorities and next steps including public comment
Business Wrap Up
1:00 pm A. Reminder: Complete meeting evaluation forms
B. Next meeting December 18 at 10 am 
C. Adjourn 
Reports & Drafts

Meeting Schedules

View Calendar Notices Here

To facilitate board communication and assure compliance with the requirements for public notice, all Volunteer Maine meetings and work sessions will be posted on this site's Calendar as well as the State of Maine Legislative Calendar.

Task Force chairs are asked to check the dates/times/locations for their groups and notify staff of any changes.

As Volunteer Maine adds new staff and commissioners, we hope this central posting will help us all avoid "double booking" and, at the same time, make communication with partners smoother.


  1. Business meeting minutes: September 24
  2. Executive Committee:  October 6
  3. Grant Selection and Performance: no report this month
  4. Communications:  meets October 14; report posted after meeting
  5. inancial Oversight: meets October 15, report at board meeting

MCCS Team Report:

Grant Programs Officer:  Current 

Program Development and Training Officer:  Current

Communications Officer: Current


1) Report on potential funding priorities:  DOC;  slide briefing

Commish's Quiz

Commissioner Quiz 

More than a contest, this is part of the "in-service education" for Commission board members.

Commission Members should email their response before 5 pm Thursday, October 15, 2020.

Send your answers to Service.Commission@maine.gov. All correct answers will be well rewarded.

This Month's Challenge

On October 6, 2020, Governor Mills posted three reappointments to the Commission (Barrett, Doak, Shorty) and 9 new appointments. The list of vacant seats can be found at the bottom of the Commissioner page (http://www.maineservicecommission.gov/about/commissioners/).

Below are the new people and the seat to which they are appointed. The Challenge is to identify what sector each will represent using the seat number. (E.g., Luke Shorty is in Seat 23: An expert in delivery of k-12 educational services.) Send the name and representation in the email.

If you are a new Commissioner, here is your chance to identify what seat you hold!

Nathaniel Rudy of Readfield --SEAT 21 
Zachary Maher of Poland --SEAT 19 
Ryan Almy of South Portland --SEAT 1 
Robert Meindeers of Benedicta --SEAT 7 
Susan Asselin Hawthorne of Sanford --SEAT-10 
Trevor Hustus of Hollis --SEAT 8 
Pamela Proulx‐Curry of Old Town --SEAT 11 
Stacie Haines of Augusta --SEAT 9 
Dale Rowley of Winterport --SEAT 18