April 2016


Friday, April, 2016 
UPDATED LOCATION: Conference Room, Gambling Control Board, 45 Commerce Drive #1, Augusta, ME 04333

This location is a state office building shared by several agencies. The public entrance is on the front by the large flag poles and is marked for Dept. of Public Safety. After entering, proceed straight ahead down the large corridor to a ceiling sign marking the Gambling Control Board (right side of corridor).

All business meetings are open to the public. Parking is on Union Street. Walk down either of the side drives to the back to reach the public entrance.

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10:00 Public Comment Period  Holmes
10:10 Call to Order Holmes
10:12 Welcome, Announcements, Agenda Adjustments
1. Introductions 
2. Announcements
3. Quiz Answer 
4. Additions or Deletions to Agenda
Focus on Mission/Responsibilities
 10:15 A. Briefing about Excellence and Expertise Task Force
1. Task force charge 
2. Ongoing activities/responsibilities (maintenance of effort) 
3. Strategic Plan – strategies assigned for 2014 – 2017; completed work in 2015; focus for 2016.
10:25 B. Formal consent of board for executive director to designate of Maine Volunteer Foundation as private support organization
1. Review of foundation status. Legislation states "executive director of the commission, with the consent of the voting members of the commission, shall designate a nonprofit corporation as the private support organization for the commission." 
Planning and Future Initiatives
10:35 A. Review of AmeriCorps Member survey results for 2015 Crofton
Business Reports
(Reports submitted are posted.)
 10:45  A. Minutes 
1. February meeting
10:50 B. Executive Committee
1. Meeting notes posted. Respond to any clarifications requested.
10:55 C. Grant Selection and Performance 
1. Confidentiality policy -- AAG advice about non-disclosure
2. Overview and discussion of new Commission performance measures
3. Recommended use of additional AmeriCorps allotment 
4. Other
11:05 D. Board Development
1. Any updates
11:10 E. Excellence and Expertise 
1. Meeting notes are posted. Respond to clarifications requested.
11:15 F. Public Information and Education/ Public Policy 
1. Meeting updates from April 12: Designation of core events; Distribution of annual report; other
11:25 G. CNCS Regional Office update Hite
11:30 I. MCCS Staff 
1. Staff changes.
2. Program Development fund goals 
3. State Audit results
4. CNCS monitoring site visit and board implications
5. Assistance requests
6. Other
Business Wrap Up
11:45 A. Adjourn to Task Force Work Sessions
1. Reminder: Complete meeting evaluation forms 
2. Next business meeting is May 20, 2016- Klahr Center, Univ. of Maine, Augusta
Reports and Drafts

Meeting Schedules

View Calendar Notices Here

To facilitate board communication and assure compliance with the requirements for public notice, all MCCS meetings and work sessions will be posted on this site's Calendar as well as theState of Maine Legislative Calendar.

Task Force chairs are asked to check the dates/times/locations for their groups and notify staff of any changes.

As MCCS adds new staff and commissioners, we hope this central posting will help us all avoid "double booking" and, at the same time, make communication with partners smoother.


  1. Board Minutes: February 2016
  2. Executive Committe: March 2016;   April 2016
  3. Board Development: February 2016
  4. Excellence and Expertise:  March 2016
  5. Grant Selction & Performance: April 2016
  6. Public Information & Education: April 2016


Certificate in Volunteer Management 101 (MCCS online course) - registration open now
Professional Development Fund for Volunteer Leaders - applications open now
CNCS Notice of Funds Available for Training/Technical Assistance Investment (state commission program development funds)

ASC Performance Measure Draft Discussion


Key Message Wheel

Commish's Quiz

For Commissioners!

More than a contest, this is part of the "in-service education" for Commission board members.

Commission Members should: email their response before 5 pm Thursday, April 14, 2016!

Send your answers to Service.Commission@maine.gov. All correct answers will be well rewarded at the meeting.

This Month's Challenge

Who are the three former MCCS Commissioners who were incorporators of the Maine Volunteer Foundation?

Resource: MCCS Executive Committee minutes, August 2015