Volunteer Maine Commissioners issue statement on justice and equality

Dear Friends,

In the last few weeks, our collective American conscience has been shaken out of its indifference and awakened to pervasive injustices prevailing in communities of color across the land. Racial disparities in poverty, employment, education, incarceration, and access to health care are unambiguous reminders of our country’s tragic history of discrimination, a history that cries out for immediate acknowledgment and revision.

We, the undersigned, believe as fundamental principles of justice that Black Lives Matter and that we must be allies in bringing about monumental and structural change in all discriminatory systems.

We at Volunteer Maine commit our endeavors to ensuring that service rebuilds communities, helps underrepresented and under-resourced populations to thrive, acts inclusively and justly, and, at all times, advances and protects the rights of those who serve and those being served.

We have been asked to listen and learn in this moment, and so we must, but now we must also take on the mantle of action-a faithful dedication and courage to reshape our society into an equitable, inclusive, and respectful world in which every human life is valued, for our generation and all those to follow.

In solidarity,

Volunteer Maine State Service Commission

F. Celeste Branham, Chair
Jonathan Barczyk
Ed Barrett
Mathison Deering
Julia Fiori
Matt L'Italien
Jessica Nixon
Lisa Phelps
John Portela
Luke Shorty
Maria Staples
Jenni Tilton-Flood

To view a PDF version of the letter, please click here.

The Commission