Public Policy Task Force: February 2023

PRESENT: Luke Shorty, Phil Bosse, Jenni Tilton-Flood, Maryalice Crofton

The members convened at 8:30 am using the virtual meeting technology.


Reviewed the status of both LD142 and LD143. They came out of committee with divided report but out-to-pass as majority. The two other bills that may need to be monitored in the state have not been published.

Members decided to collect documents given the committee and items sent from ASC on basecamp rather than as emails. That way they are in one place, easily reached. Jenni agreed to help curate those files and devise a way to keep them organized. There was discussion of next steps for Commissioners and outreach that needs to be organized.

In the course of discussions, the two national groups in which state commissions participate to address public policy were explained. States for Service is a lobbying group and Luke is Maine’s representative on that group. The non-lobbying groups is the ASC Public Policy Committee which has both Executive Directors and Commissioners. It focuses on developing positions, identifying issues, educating Members of Congress, and assessing positions of the federal agency with regard to their impacts on communities and programs. Phil agreed to join Maryalice on that group and let the committee know that the time period during which he could not discuss issues with Members of Congress was over. He requested information that would orient him to ASC. The members also shared the Commission contacts in each Congressional Office.

Members agreed to a standing agenda and format of meetings and established that they would look as follows:

I. State Legislation

   a. Testimony / Work Session
   b. Floor 

   c. Appropriations

II. Federal Legislation

III. Other

The task force will meet biweekly (every two weeks) until the state legislative season winds down. Meetings will be Wednesdays at 8:30 am.

Next meeting: February 22nd at 8:30am.

There being no other discussion items, the members dispersed at 9:33 am.