Public Policy Task Force

PRESENT: Luke Shorty, Phil Bosse, Stacie Haines, Jeff McCabe, Jenni Tilton Flood, Maryalice Crofton

The members convened at 8:30 am using the virtual meeting technology.

State Legislation
LDs 142 and 143. No change in the status of these bills. They are not scheduled for floor action as of today.

Anticipated bills. We have no notice that Rep Rielly has drafts from the Revisors Office.

Mapping connections to key legislators. Jenni sent a message to Commissioners and has some replies already. (These need to be compiled.)

Briefing for bill sponsors. There was discussion of holding a breakfast or lunch briefing for sponsors of each bill. The goals would be 1) update them on need; 2) appreciate their support; and 3) outline the unique aspects of state corps. The final plan is to try and use the Legislative Council Chamber because it is closest to legislators’ work. Invite all Commission members and the current sponsors/grantees for the programs.

Talking points for LDs 142 and 143. These need to be compiled. First step is for task force review. The items used so far will be listed on a writeboard for members to edit/comment. The goal is to have final set by next meeting.

Federal Legislation.
AmeriCorps Week Senate Resolution. Phil explained that Senator Kuhns ran into a time crunch when taking it through committee. It will likely be “hot lined” which means taking it directly to the floor. Senator Collins has indicated she will support which she has done as a friend of service.

Thoughts on CDS process. There was a brief discussion on whether the Commission or foundation should pursue. Part of the consideration needs to be the grant management experience of the applicant. The foundation has none but is a nonprofit. The project under consideration would be done with community partners. Right now, staff don’t need to hammer out details. That comes later.

Other; Partnership for Civilian Climate Corps is a national affinity group that held a briefing Monday on federal dollars that will start flowing to states late spring and through the summer. The focus of the review was funding streams that are very compatible with Climate Corps and volunteer activities. Maryalice will ask for a link to the recording so task force members can have the same information and consider actions/relationships/asks that need to be made at state agency level. Plans are being submitted by state agencies to their federal counterparts over next few weeks.

There being no other discussion items, the members dispersed at 9:16 a.m.