Executive Committee

September 8, 2015


The Executive Committee convened by teleconference at 3pm.

Present: Ron Holmes, John Portela, David Wihry, Joel Russ, Maryalice Crofton. 

Feedback and comments on Maine Volunteer Foundation -
Joel Russ had mailed a package of documents on the foundation to Exec Committee members. Only documents with changes or new drafts were sent. Members had only minor corrections for feedback. They expressed their appreciation to Joel for the amount of work he has done over the summer.

The full set of documents will be shared with the Commission for its review at the September 18 meeting. Ron will make the presentation but Joel will be present.

Strategic Plan update at September meeting -
Task Force chairs will get an email asking for advance preparation. The strategies and plan will be on the wall for each task force to update. The agenda will have a short work session built in for gathering the updates.

Items for annual organizing meeting -
Members reviewed the tasks that need to be covered.

Board Development -
Celeste is developing the list for reappointments. There are seven vacancies now that Lindsey has resigned. Commissioners will be sent an email asking for assistance with candidate recruitment. The reappointments from 2014 are being processed along with the new candidate from last winter. It would be helpful to move them through all together.

Grants Task Force meets Sept. 11 and Excellence/Expertise meets at 9am on Sept. 18.

The meeting concluded at 3:35 pm.