Executive Committee

October 5, 2015


Present by teleconference: Ron Holmes, Celeste Branham, David Wihry, John Portela, Maryalice Crofton. 

The Executive Committee convened by teleconference at 3pm. 

The first point of discussion was the impact of AmeriCorps launch on the October 16 meeting. The Commission meeting does not usually coincide with the swearing in so it is a good chance for Commissioners to participate. The presider for the ceremony is one of the Superior Court justices. Business will be brief in order to wrap up no later than 11:15 am. The event is in the Hall of Flags. 

Executive Committee reviewed applications for service on the Commission. H. Ross Cunningham (President, Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce), Tracey Frost (School Resource Officer, Messalonskee High School and Oakland PD), Mandela Gardner (Volunteer Coordinator, Catholic Charities ME), and Lori Perham (State Director, AARP). Joseph Young's bio was available but his full application has not made it through the mail. Motion by Portela to forward all applications received. Second by Holmes. Roll call vote unanimous in support. 

Maryalice informed Exec Committee that the intern working on Blaine House Conference and other outreach projects has been offered a full time position somewhere else. Her last day is tomorrow. This is a significant event because the state volunteerism conference is in a week. 

There is no news from the ASC public policy committee because it meets on Wednesday. 

Grants Task Force will be working on orientation to responsibilities for anticipated new members.

There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 3:25 pm.