Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives: October 2022

Major Projects Underway:
•    Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference: a few issues arose from venue to keynote; issues have been resolved. The conference is being held in Belfast at the Hutchinson Center on November 18th, 8 am – 5 pm. A big thank you to our commissioner Diane Lebson for agreeing to be our keynote speaker. 
•    VGF ARP funding was released (to everyone ever) with a focus on programs that support mentoring and tutoring volunteers. We submitted a proposal with 5 named partners and asked for funding for other partners we would find once we were awarded. We also budgeted for marketing. We will hear about the potential NOGA in November.
•    Becoming back up for the new procurement process of ProcureME. Licenses will be distributed at some really exciting time. 
•    We were successful in getting the Micro-credentialing grant, $10K, that will allow us to get develop beginning level of volunteer management. 

Upcoming Project Focus:
•    Working with School Safety Office to have CERT training for schools that are interested. 
•    Evaluation of the Roll of Honor and Governor Service Awards. 
•    Service Enterprise cohort for the winter/spring.
•    Year 2 report for VGF due 11/30/22

•    E&E Task Force – meetings switched to new day
•    Maine Volunteer Mangers Network: Always looking for speakers if you have suggestions.