Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives: November 2022

Major Projects Underway:

·         We were not successful  in securing VGF ARP Funds. A full list of grantees has not been released, but only 13% of requests were fulfilled.

·         Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference was overall success. Most of the response is positive and there were no major issues.

·         Current CMV course has almost 30 enrolled.

·         MLK Day Semester of Service grant opportunity open. Student lead service projects that start in January and conclude in April.

·         We were successful in getting the Micro-credentialing grant, $10K, that will allow us to get develop beginning level of volunteer management.

Upcoming Project Focus:

·         Working with different members of MEMA, FEMA and county EMAs to solve CERT questions.


·         Evaluation of the Roll of Honor and Governor Service Awards.

·         Service Enterprise cohort for the winter/spring.


·         E&E Task Force – meetings switched

·         Maine Volunteer Mangers Network: Always looking for speakers if you have suggestions.