Program Development & Training Officer: October 2023

Major projects completed 

  • Hosted single-day short version New Staff training session for MDOE &MYA staff persons that missed the summer series due to late hiring.
  • Supported summer planning grant awardees continuing their initial set-up and action planning.
  • Staff outreach table at the annual Maine Municipal Association conference.
  • Prepared for session hosting at the Volunteer Leadership Conference and supported Commission staff preparing the event. Hosted a session and provided tech support at the event.
  • Continued bi-monthly meetings with funded planning grantees intended to develop their capacity to develop and successfully apply for a future AmeriCorps grant
  • Began Planning Grant closeout process for those completing their cycle.
  • Submitted Training and Technical Assistance grant (CIF) application for calendar year 2023 and completed clarifications requested by AmeriCorps staff.
  • Attended a meeting of funders supporting New Americans hosted by the Governor’s office as they continue to plan for development of an Office of New Americans.
  • Participated in a portion of the Commissioner’s retreat and helped staff the Commission meeting after setting up a new sound system for the meetings.
  • The Volunteer Management Micro-Credential course opened level one to the public. The other two levels will follow this fall.
  • Provided Technical Assistance to MCC, GPCOG, and MDOE-CDS related to their Continuation applications.

Issues to be aware of 

  • MDOE – Staffing change. As noted last month, VM has been working extensively with MDOE’s newly hired program director (covering both programs), assisting her in operationalizing the necessary programs.  We were notified, at the end of the month, that she has been offered a position at an organization she has long been interested in joining and will be leaving MDOE
  • Withdrawal of EMS Maine from planning grant. EMS notified The Program Dev Officer that they would not be able to move forward with the planning grant and would not be drawing funds.  I have been unable to conform this beyond the single message sent.
  • AmeriCorps: The Commission has an open RFPs for Competitive funding. Commissioners should be aware that any questions regarding the competitions or the RFPs should be directed to the staff member identified in the RFP documents.

Major focus of effort in the new month 

  • Organize and plan for day-long scoping sessions with planning grantees, to assist them in building a supporting coalition, clarifying their service activities and helping them determine the scale of their potential projects.
  • Continue to provide training and technical assistance to planning grants, including a finance training for their accounting staffs.
  • Provide support to AmeriCorps grantees with open positions and those going into recruitment for January starts.
  • Update financial information tools and federal reporting database.

Other activity 

  • Supported Excellence & Expertise Task Force
  • Regular AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to new and existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.
  • Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.