Program Development & Training Officer: February 2023

Major projects completed

Began training cycle with new cohort of Planning Grantees; Unity College, Maine EMS, and KVCOG.

Provided direct support to new staff at Maine Youth Alliance regarding a number of program related policies and practices.

Oversaw Member Conference planning, including hosting weekly Member Committee meetings. Ongoing efforts included identifying and inviting keynote speakers, call for proposal design, and support for sponsorship subcommittee.

Provided pre-application support to planning grantee, MDOE, as they intend to apply to the spring 2023 formula competition.  Also provided additional support to the other cohort I planning grantee, Alpha Legal, on policy development and understanding the role and selection of service sites

Collaborated with Public Information Officer on how to best assist programs with AmeriCorps Week and coordinated representation at upcoming career fairs at the high school and university level.

Prepped and co-hosted a training session with staff of Service Year related to the new features they are introducing. Also met with representatives of the Galaxy digital platform to provide feedback on their product and the state of volunteer engagement software in Maine.

Outreach to a variety of interested parties concerning the imminent release of the AmeriCorps Formula operational RFA, The Rural State RFA and another round of AC Planning Grants and the requirements and opportunity they represent.

Provided direct support to the Maine Re-Entry Network to facilitate their application for formula funding, following their unsuccessful application in the fall competition.

Cohosted the initial meeting with the Advisory Group supporting the Introductory Volunteer Management Micro Credential we are building in collaboration with the UMaine System and the Cooperative Extension Service

Issues to be aware of

Commission Members are welcome to attend the upcoming Member Conference (April 5th at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast).

Major focus of effort in the new month

Final month of Member Conference Planning, including site and catering contracting, final agenda confirmation, selection of member presenters, and completing registration

RFP release and Final outreach to potential applicants

Annual Commission Investment Fund Report.

Continued coordination with Cooperative Extension regarding volunteer micro-credential course and development of initial learning modules and related course materials.

Continued program development work with Planning Grant Cohorts I and II

Other activity

Facilitated E & E Task Force Meeting and follow-up.

Ongoing AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.

Supported Office Admin with procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.