Office Administrator: December 2022

Supported Executive Director

  • Managed contracts, D.O.s, P.O.s, modifications Advantage ME for vendors.
  • OIT Billing edits
  • Processed invoices daily. 
  • Resolved payment and accounting issues with DAFS and vendors.
  • Outreach to Commissioners, consultants, and business partners.
  • Commission retreat preparation
  • Commission meeting minutes
  • DEI reading assignments.
  • Board meeting prep
  • DOE DEI Committee Meetings.
  • Researched billing records to resolve Advantage issues with DAFS
  • Ordered office supplies, conference items
  • DAFS outreach about dis-encumberance from previous grant cycles
  • Dis-encurmberance/allotment issues support: made audit spreadsheet comparing all invoices in the S Drive against Advantage payment download
  • Staff DEI training with SISGI
  • November Staff Report
  • Set 2023 reporting reminders in OnCorps for grantees
  • Outreach to Dedimus Justice and Maine Secretary of State with oath form 
  • Assisted DAFS personal with Adobe Acrobat
  • Desk monitoring notice to grantees
  • SISGI CT modification
  • Disputed OIT charges in MPWR

Supported Grants Officer

  • Approved PERS, Fixed Amount invoices, and prepared grantee invoices for approval to deal with 2021-2022 grant cycle resolution
  • Outreach to grantees about Fixed Amount issues
  • Support dis-encurmberance/allotment issues 
  • DOE Procurement Approval and Advantage ME procurement 
  • Grantee outreach regarding OnCorps issues
  • OnCorps Training on invoicing procedure
  • Reimbursement request ARPA edits for MSSkowhegan

Supported Communications Officer

  • Billing/Invoices and related outreach for printing, broadcasting

Supported Program Development Officer

  • Billing/Invoices  related to VGF
  • Outreach to Al!ve

Supported Climate Corps Coordinator

  • Web postings
  • Support with procurement processes

Supported Training Officer

  • Assigned closeout certificate and closeout report for 2023 in OnCorps
  • Pulled grant allotment documentation and data to help with dis-encumberance issues

Supported Maine Service Fellows Coordinator:

  • Fixed business cards

Issues to be aware of:

Major focus of effort for next month:

The Office Administrator will continue pursuing professional development in aquiring basic accounting and management principles.The Office Administrator will also compile inventory tracking the stage of every reimbursement payment

Prepared by Nathan McIvor, Office Administrator