Maine Service Fellows Coordinator: January 2023

Submitted by Jake Hurner

Major projects completed

  • Held an initial site visit for first site ahead of recruitment season
  • Met with community partners to discuss resources that could be leveraged for the program including Live + Work Maine, and Seacoast Mission
  • Networked with relevant stake holders to establish ongoing support for an advisory task force.
  • Continued to meet with Maine Health Access Foundation to discuss immediate funding of EMS project and future funding opportunities with the MSF model
  • Received signed MOU for Airport project and began recruitment strategy
  • Discussed larger comms plan with information officer
  • Registered for Service Year and began to establish web presence for the MSF Program

Major focus of effort in the next month/continuation

  • Continue to develop programmatic materials and procedures including recruitment materials and benefits poster, applicant selection procedure, reporting processes and documentation, program calendar etc.
  • Continue identifying potential donor and grant opportunities available to both back fill remaining funding needed for a second fellow position and increase total numbers of spots on going.
  • Developing strategy around fundraising in collaboration with foundation members to best make the case for individual fellow opportunities as aligned with identified donors’ values, and geographic area.  
  • Networking and collaborating with other State departments in the development of current applicant work plans as appropriate to their expertise. (i.e. aviation and EMS)
  • Collaborating with current applicants to develop specific recruitment details and plan in advertising for a candidate.
  • Continue to develop and formalize an interview and selection procedure.
  • Networking with current VM stakeholders (climate advisory, volunteer network and foundation members) to continue to pursue funding opportunities to expand the reach of the program.
  • Continue to review current applicant feedback to implement changes to next cycles procedures. 
  • Complete initial site Visit for second sponsor
  • Review additional recruitment avenues as they relate to specific details of the individual opportunities.