Maine Climate Corps Coordinator: June 2024

June 2024
Climate Corps & Maine Service Fellows Director

Major Projects:
Supported intern on start-up of recruitment outreach projects.
Hosted quarterly meeting of the Maine Climate Corps Network.
Worked with new applicant for the Maine Climate Corps Network to finalize MOU. 
Meet with AmeriCorps agency recruitment staff to learn about opportunities for promotion.
Attend Maine Climate Council meeting.
Support Climate Corps grantees with report submission. 
Support recruitment of new Maine Service Fellow. 
Engaged partners to reach current students with message about Maine Service Fellows and a service year. 

Met with contacts in government, Maine organizations, and national service programs. 
Met with volunteer management microcredential team to plan for conference session submission.
Attended ASC workgroups and meeting.
Attended staff meetings and trainings.
Staffed Maine Climate Corps Task Force meeting.
Attended Commission meeting.
Supported Maine Service Fellow located in Dover-Foxcroft.
Follow up on contracts, invoices, and reimbursement requests and reviewed budget.

Upcoming Project Focus:
Attend summer intern event to recruit for Maine Service Fellows.
Host Maine Climate Corps Summit to plan for future priorities of MCCN. 
Continue to meet and have calls with representatives of Maine organizations, national service, state government, etc. 
Support Maine Service Fellows and recruit for newest host sites. 
Support summer intern. 
Plan for Maine Service Fellows programming in 2025. 
Write 2024 report on Maine Climate Corps for GOPIF