Grants Officer: September 2022

Major projects completed:

  • Meeting with AYCC Program Director to discuss closing of their grant and the need to exit their members 
  • Completed closeout of Maine Conservation Corps 18ESHME001 award 
  • Informed AYCC Program Director of the need to exit their two final members within the 30-day timeframe to be compliant
  • Grantee progress report submitted to the Federal agency for 18AFHME001 and the Close-out certification of all 18AFHME001 AmeriCorps programs was finalized 
  • Attendance and participation for the final day of the AmeriCorps State and National Symposium
  • Set up contract for the Program Director, Volunteer Sector Initiatives vendor 
  • Slot conversion completed for UMaine COA
  • Consultation with KVCAP Program Director about the need for an NSCHC waiver
  • Assistance to Trekkers Program Director with uploading past members to OnCorps
  • Grant task force tech review meeting and subsequent minutes wrote up for the Commission 
  • Reviewing and processing multiple reimbursement requests for AmeriCorps programs
  • Commission retreat and staff team building and planning dinner
  • Updated OnCorps custom reports for reimbursement
  • CEO visit at the Hall of Flags 

Issues to be aware of:

  • The only program that did not submit their final close-out certifications under the 18AFHME001 award was Colby College; there were repeated (and documented) attempts to reach them to do so, to no avail

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Continued an ongoing review and process of Periodic Expense Reports (PER's), Periodic Income Reports (PIR's), Aggregated Financial Reports (AFR's) and Grantee Progress Reports (GPR's) along with corresponding reimbursement requests
  • Preparing continuation contracts for Maine Conservation Corps and KVCAP
  • Review and update of work plans