Grants Officer: October-December 2022

Jamie McFaul, Grants Officer

Major projects completed:

•    Consulted with and completed slot change for UMaine COA
•    Provided guidance to AYCC’s program director about how to exit their members in a timely manner in eGrants and OnCorps
•    Updated the custom report forms in the 2022-2023 years in OnCorps
•    Participation of Hall of Flags event with AmeriCorps programs when AmeriCorps CEO, Michael Smith, came to Maine
•     Prepared and submitted the grantee report to close-out the 18AFHME001 grant, which has been completed
•    Assisted USM MEAP program director with the close-out process in OnCorps 
•    Helped UMaine COA program director with member enrollment issue in OnCorps, which has been resolved
•    Assisted Program Officer for the Volunteer Sector Initiative on networking session for upcoming conference 
•    Review and approval of all compliant position descriptions  
•    Completion and submission of the federal financial report for 21AFFME001 
•    Wrote up and sent the corrective action plan for GPCOG that covered their reports being submitted late or at all without prompting
•     Review and approval of all compliant reports/documentation in the 2021-2022 year in OnCorps 
•    Review and approval of all submitted grantee progress reports that were compliant; feedback provided to grantees that needed to make corrections or needed to submit
•    Completed continuation assessments for KVCAP and Maine Conservation Corps for the Grants Task Force review
•    Review and approval of Maine Conservation Corps’ close-out report for 2021-2022
•    Federal filing of the Grantee Progress reports for all AmeriCorps programs 
•    Meeting with AYCC Program Director to discuss closing of their grant and the need to exit their members

Issues to be aware of:

•    None currently

Major focus of effort for the next month:

•    Updating the Monitoring tool template to ensure compliance 
•    Continued desktop/site review for Q2 monitoring
•    Review and update of work plan from April - August