Grants Officer: May 2024

Major projects completed:

•    Setting up site visits for Host Site Supervisor interviews 
•    Meeting about Main Street Skowhegan, White Pines and Maine Conservation Corps with the GTF
•    Commission meeting with Maine Conservation Corps about future funding scenario 
•    Monthly AmeriCorps Technical Assistance meeting with subgrantees 
•    Organizing and delivering payroll data for Learning Works for the disallowance of costs required by IPERIA findings
•    AmeriCorps Member Conference all day at Snow Pond 
•    Required Security training from OIT
•    ASC Formula guidance discussion 
•    PIO interviews 
•    GTF meeting minutes and motions 
•    Review and approval of all compliant grantee progress reports 
•    Assisting White Pines and Main Street Skowhegan with corrections to their applications 

Items to be aware of:
•    N/A
Major focus of effort for the next month:
•    Wrapping up the site supervisor monitoring visits
•    Planning commences for the September event 
•    Start of financial and time sheet monitoring