Communications Officer: October 2021

Major projects completed

  • Completed a large reorganization of the Volunteer Maine website to establish a "Serve in Maine" section, which brings together information on National Service programs and opportunities, Maine Climate Corps, Maine Service Fellows, and general volunteer opportunities.
  • Collaborated with the Executive Director to produce informational content on Maine Climate Corps and Maine Service Fellows for public consumption.
  • Completed digital promotion of CMV 101 course, which helped to meet enrollment goal of Program Officer for Volunteer Sector Initiatives.
  • Produced Oct. edition of "Volunteer Fare" monthly newsletter.
  • Held first production meeting with vendor and AmeriCorps program First 4 AmeriCorps to kick off the recruitment photo/video project.
  • Completed promotion plan and assisted in day-of operation of the Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference.
  • Completed annual work plan.
  • Collaborated with Administrative Specialist to produce social media content and a new operating procedure for content creation.
  • Completed initial steps of planning the Maine AmeriCorps Launch (induction) ceremony: Secured an alumni speaker, secured Maine Supreme Court Justice Hon. Andrew Mead to preside over the swearing in, set up digital venue and set up a live stream for public viewing.

Issues to be aware of

  • Due to the urgent need and a longer-than-anticipated timeline in the website reorganization, production of episode 5 of Issues has been delayed.
  • Due to scheduling conflicts that impacted attendance of the last Communications Task Force meeting, work to restart the "Service Instigator" PSA campaign has been put on the agenda of the Nov. meeting.

Major focus of effort in the next month

  • Attending Deering High School career fair on Nov. 9 with information on AmeriCorps opportunities.
  • Continuing work to develop a plan for a long-term AmeriCorps recruitment campaign that targets potential gap year students as well as individuals looking for a change in career.
  • Continuing to plan for AmeriCorps Launch (induction) in November.
  • Collaborating with Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives to create awareness campaign around results of COVID-19 volunteer impact report.
  • Collaborating with Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives to bring awareness to 9/11 Disaster Preparedness Grant service projects.
  • Continuing work on phase one of announcing the Maine Service Fellows program gift to the Maine Volunteer Foundation.
  • Collaborating with the Communications Task Force to restart planning and production of the "Service Instigator" public service announcement campaign. The campaign will lean heavily on the approach of behavior change marketing.

Other activity

  • A follow up to last month's item on the Maine Association of Broadcasters Public Education Program airtime report: The report, which provided information on four full months plus parts of a fifth, stated $100,007 of in-kind value has been generated. The contract concludes at the end of November, and a full match value report will be available shortly after the end of December.

Prepared by Communications Officer Bryan Roche