2024 Government Intern: Recruitment Outreach Assistant

May 2024

My name is Colin Marquis-Boutin, and I am from Mechanic Falls, Maine. I graduated as part of the Class of 2024 from Bates College and majored in Politics and minored in Chinese. I am very excited to be working with the Commission this summer as I try to figure out the next step in my career. I will be working primarily on recruitment outreach for the Maine Service Fellows program. During my time here I am looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of how state government operates. I am considering a career in law or public policy, so this internship will be very informative for my future endeavors. I am also excited to work on marketing and outreach projects as part of this experience because they are relatively new to me and outside of my comfort zone.  

Major Projects:
Complete Maine Summer Government Internship Program Orientation.
Attend Maine Prepares Conference.
Complete directory of career advisor, employer engagement, and faculty contacts for Maine Service Fellows recruitment outreach.
Begin using Handshake to recruit recent graduates for Maine Service Fellows.

Create promotional and informational marketing materials for Maine Service Fellows.
Continue monitoring and increase presence on and utilization of college job boards.
Collect a list of possible outreach opportunities at regional colleges.
Research recruitment trends and best practices.
Create a recruitment plan for Maine Service Fellows.