Communications Task Force: November 2022


  • Commissioners: Chair Zakk Maher, Gary Dugal, John Portela, Julia Fiori, Diane Lebson

  • Staff: Bryan Roche

The Communications Task Force met electronically for its monthly meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022. The group discussed the following upon the conclusion of the regular welcome and personal check-in period:

Business report review

Maher invited Roche to present the October business report. Roche read the report, which can be viewed on the reports section of the website -- view October business report.

Communications Plan

The group had scheduled to review the current communications plan to reduce the scope. Instead, Roche proposed a new approach to planning for marketing and communications objectives, suggested by the Executive Director. Roche will work with staff team members, most of whom are the lead of a core area of work, to better understand promotional needs and timelines. Roche, with the assistance of the Administrative Specialist, will take information from each of the meetings to draft separate plans and identify areas for cross promotion.

The group agreed with the approach. Lebson added that the approach is in-line with the communications-related shifts in the strategic plan. Maher added that this approach will allow the task force to advise strategic communications while Roche manages execution.

Roche will present on the individualized plans during the December meeting.

Policy updates/potential separation of Public Policy duties

Maher briefed the group on Executive Committee discussions surrounding the separation of public policy responsibilities from the Communications task force. Maher added that nothing has yet been finalized and that more information will be coming.

Editorial ideas:

After a brief discussion, the Task Force agreed to move forward with an op-ed theme of "After the sprint of the holidays, the marathon of needs continues." The goal is to communicate the year-round need to provide support to Maine's people and communities. The Task Force agreed to continue work on the op-ed electronically, between meetings.

For December meeting:

  • Roche to present information on communications plans for Maine Service Fellows, Maine Climate Corps and Volunteer Initiatives. Roche to provide information a week prior to the meeting.

  • Task Force to review communication plans drafts in advance of meeting.

Next meeting: Tuesday, Dec. 27 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.