Commission Minutes

Public Comment Period: No members of the public requested an opportunity to speak.

Present:  Jennifer Tilton-Flood, Ed Barrett, Becky Hayes-Boober, F. Celeste Branham, Susan Cheesman, Julia Fiori, Stacie Haines, Susan Hawthorne, Matt L’Italien, Zachery Maher, Thomas Meuser, Robert Meinders, Jessica Nixon, John Portela, Pamela Proulx-Curry, Nathaniel Rudy, Luke Shorty, Susan Wiggin.

Guests: Margaret Brownlee, Maine Department of Education. Luc Nya, Maine Health and Human Services.

Call to Order: Chair Tilton-Flood called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

Welcome, Announcements, Agenda Adjustments: Commissioners introduced themselves and stated which seats they held on the Commission. Staff were also introduced. Branham led discussion about potentially filling seats on the board of the Maine Volunteer Foundation. Shorty announced that a state service caucus has been established within ASC.

Consent Agenda: There were no concerns additions, or deletions regarding the consent agenda. MOTION by Shorty to approve the agenda. SECOND by Proulx-Curry.

Vote on the motion: In favor – Tilton-Flood, Barrett, Hayes-Boober, Branham, Cheesman, Fiori, Haines, Hawthorne, L’Italien, Maher, Meuser, Meinders, Nixon, Portela, Proulx-Curry, Rudy, Shorty, Wiggin. Opposed – none. Motion passed.

Items approved by the motion were the Commission meeting minutes for May 20, 2022, the report of the Executive Committee meeting for June 7, 2022, the report of the Grant Selection and Performance Task Force meeting for June 10, 2022, the report of the Excellence and Expertise Task Force for June 1, 2022.

Business Wrap-Up:  The next Commission meeting will be on September 15th, 2022. Chair Tilton-Flood adjourned the business meeting at 10:20 a.m. Commissioners transitioned to attend a DEI training session.