Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program

Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program logoPrimary Contact: Heather Arvidson
12 Tenney Way, Brunswick, ME 04011
phone: 207-725-2716
email: harvidson@mchpp.org

The volunteers at Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program (MCHPP) help provide healthy food to hungry people six days a week. Over the course of a year MCHPP has over 1,200 different volunteers that support their mission. The three core programs, the Food Bank, Food Pantry, and Soup Kitchen, provide and distribute food through different channels and the volunteers engage in a diverse range of activities to ensure the needs of the Brunswick community are met.

With the Maine VGF funding MCHPP is recruiting at least 225 new volunteers to expand their Mobile Food Pantry program so they can reach more households in rural communities than they have in the past. In addition, they are inceasing their operating hours to increase accessibility and to accommodate clients who work fulltime jobs. The new volunteers generated through the Maine VGF Program will also help to support the growing Food Rescue Program, which carries out weekly pickups of salvaged food from grocery stores and restuarants. The organization's goal is to collect roughly 250,000 pounds of rescued food annually.