Excellence and Expertise

June 6, 2018


PRESENT: Libby Hite, Nicole Pellenz, Lisa Lafflin, Maryalice Crofton

The meeting opened at 8:30 am by teleconference.


Maryalice was asked to clarify the difference between the proposed coach position and the outline of work the task force reviewed last fall. The two are similar but the outline last fall was for a contractor to work with Volunteer Generation Grantees. The proposed position description would be for Service Enterprise trainers who are not part of an affiliate hub and, therefore, operate under the Commission's license.

Service Enterprise Trainer MOU Final version
Members started with the MOU final draft. After review of the edits to add points, it was agreed the MOU is final and ready for use. (Minor keyboard correction needed.) It does not need Commission acceptance but will be posted with these minutes as an FYI.

SE Trainer/Coach Position description DRAFT 
This is the first draft of a position description. After some discussion, the members agreed it is complete as it stands and is ready for use.

Need Additional/New SE trainers
Maryalice pointed out that there are only 7 remaining Service Enterprise trainers from the 16 who were trained. Only 3 of the trainers are available to serve 14 counties. Members were asked to identify potential trainers. Lisa will see if a member of her staff or a board member is interested.

Updates from related Task Forces
Public Information and Education has not met. Its next body of work will be from the new strategic plan which is up for adoption on June 15. Members of this task force were reminded to review the published documents and submit any comments by June 12.

The conference planning committee has 11 people this year. Lisa asked what the tactic is for acquiring sponsors. This year all committee members have been asked to locate sponsors and the sample letter plus sponsor level descriptions were sent last month. (Posted on planning section of hub.)

There being no other items for discussion the meeting ended at 9:24 am.