Excellence and Expertise Task Force: June 2022

PRESENT: Pam Proulx-Curry, Veronica Kupferman, Cindy Whitney
Staff: M. Ashmore, K. Preecs

1. Welcome & Agenda adjustments
    No adjustments needed
2. Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference
    a. Kelsey gave update on what is being accomplished with the conference so far.
    b. Committee gave feedback on sponsorship sheet – Kelsey will make changes and then send out again.
    c. Committee discussed what sessions are still needed
        i. Cindy offered two sessions: Geographically diverse volunteers & how to retain volunteers
        ii. Michael: Using volunteers as a development strategy.
        iii. Pam: Cultural humility in volunteer support 
        iv. We still need: volunteer management 101, generational difference in volunteers, engaging youth. 
    d. Networking session: discussed what the session could look like, potentially experts in different areas seated at tables and people could move about the tables to ask specific questions. 
        i. This does replicate what the panel was trying to do for the end of the day.
e. Still need the “ted talk” version of presentations. No signs up yet.