Office Administrator: June 2022

Supported Executive Director

  • Managed contracts Advantage ME for vendors.
  • Processed invoices daily. 
  • Resolved payment and accounting issues with DAFS and vendors.
  • Reconciled P-card expense reports.
  • Billing corrections.
  • Prepared materials for Commission meeting, calculated Commissioner car travel match funds.
  • Commission minutes for June 2022.
  • Commission minutes for May 2022.
  • Attended regular meetings for DOE's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. 
  • SISGI’s DEI online course.
  • Created and disseminated report forms to grantees to track unexpended funds from their AmeriCorps grants.
  • Aid and outreach to grantees with on unexpended funds reports
  • Outreach to Commissioners, consultants, and business partners.
  • Calculated 21AFF and 20FX unexpended amounts.
  • Updated 21AFF and 20FXH grant reports with additional table for tracking ARP monies.
  • Outreach for MCCS Financial Reports.
  • May staff report.
  • Advantage CT,CT modifications, GR, forms, and outreach for TriState staffing.
  • Modified SISGI Advantage CT to fix procurement card payment issue.
  • Made paper amendment to Blueberry Broadcasting CT.
  • DEI Training with SISGI.
  • DEI reading assignments.
  • OIT Billing corrections.

Supported Grants Officer

  • Conference registration
  • Approved PERS, Fixed Amount invoices, and prepared grantee invoices for approval.

Supported Communications Officer.

  • A/V Training.
  • A/V set up and coordination for June Commission meeting.

Supported Program Development and Training Officer

  • Recovered extra payment from OnCorps.
  • Helped sort and mail AmeriCorps member conference prizes.
  • Billing support

Supported Program Officer for Volunteer Sector Initiatives:

  • Outreach to Office of Policy, Innovation and the Future for conference registration

Supported Climate Corps Coordinator

  • Conference registration.
  • Designed and ordered and business cards.
  • Survey data.
  • Requisition order for climate corps report print job.

Issues to be aware of:

Major focus of effort for next month:
The Office Administrator will become more familiar with basic accounting.

Prepared by Nathan McIvor, Office Administrator