Grants Officer: February 2023

Submitted: Jamie McFaul, Grants Officer

Major projects completed:
•    Update to the monitoring tool for the member 
•    Participation in the member conference planning every Wednesday
•    Recertifying the required annual national service criminal history check in the AmeriCorps Litmos system
•    Corrective action letter sent to Maine Conservation Corps as a result from the desk top review of member files, which has been resolved
•    Meeting with the new program director for Game Loft to discuss the grantee progress reporting requirements
•    Approval of all compliant position descriptions in OnCorps
•    Co-meeting with AmeriCorps members (conference planning) and Tribal Representative Aaron Dana to be a speaker for the conference
•    Coordinating a meeting with Angela Okafor from the Permanent Commission on The Status of Racial, Indigenous, And Tribal Populations, State of Maine to speak at the AmeriCorps member conference 
•    Scheduling out AmeriCorps site visits for the month of March 

Issues to be aware of:
•    Currently in transition with three Programs who are having staff changes; Trekkers, Game Loft and UMaine COA all have new Program Directors

Major focus of effort for the next month:
•    Site Visits for all AmeriCorps programs with a focus on member training and interviews
•    Risk assessments need to be completed for all AC programs
•    Developing a presentation for the AmeriCorps Member Conference 
•    Continued efforts to support the AC Member Conference Planning
•    Reading the staff assigned book about volunteer engagement, Transforming Disruption to Impact, to discuss in later staff meeting
•    Inclusion Maine three day Conference in Portland that is looking to diversify the workforce in Maine