Executive Committee

April 6, 2015


Present[by teleconference] Ron Holmes, John Portela, Mark Hews, Maryalice Crofton

Private support organization.
The work session for LD 916 is Wed., April 8. John and Ron plan to attend. It is last on the agenda so the committee will not likely take it up until about 2pm.

Items to deal with at retreat.  
Members made a list of the items that need more time than regular business meetings allow. This list isn't comprehensive but a first cut.

> Review the strategic plan. Franklin Project - where it is going nationally, our role in the pilot, etc. Service Enterprise - how to push it forward and what is needed. Details of private support organization.

Members present identified some July dates that could work for the retreat.

Commissioners who have stopped participating.
Celeste has been in touch with two. One is not responding. Ron will follow up on his list and reach out to Governor's staff about the pending recommendations for appointment.

April business meeting.
There is no pressing business to address and there are lots of events at which we need Commissioners' assistance. The committee opted to cancel the April business meeting.