Communications Task Force

The members convened at 10:00 am using the virtual meeting technology. 

PRESENT: Diane Lebson, Jenni Tilton-Flood, Maryalice Crofton

TASK FORCE CHAIR. Diane confirmed that she is willing to be the Communications Task Force chair. The membership needs to expand by recruiting public members to serve with Commissioners. This Task Force, when at full capacity, has a schedule as full as the grants task force. Diane will speak to this recruitment at the board meeting on June 16.

PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER. Maryalice had posted the PIO job description with the meeting notice. She explained where it fits in the civil service system (Senior Planner) and reviewed what had been on Bryan’s work plan. Discussion followed and there was acknowledgement that many of the PIO duties had been overshadowed by rebranding. In the next hire, the focus should return to core tasks because the recognition is no further ahead. Maryalice will start the HR process for state hiring and predicts interviews would be late August. The interview committee is typically a commissioner (Diane volunteered), Maryalice, and the chief of operations from Dept of Ed. In the meantime, Maryalice, Nathan, and Kelsey have split tasks according to what each knows how to do and time available.

It was noted that, in order to have a strong pool of candidates, everyone will have to push the job announcement out through their personal networks.

There being no other discussion items, members dispersed at 10:52 am.