Program Development & Training Officer: May 2021

Major projects completed

  • National Service Criminal History Check on new rules promulgated by the federal agency for all grantees and AmeriCorps Seniors staff members.
  • Developed and was approved for a Background Check waiver for individuals who are currently incarcerated but who could provide Recovery Coaching services within the jail environment.
  • Organized and facilitated clarification and corrections for newly funded formula applicants.  Assisted with submission f required competition documentation to Office of Procurement.
  • Individualized training/meetings on multiple topics for Healthy Acadia, GPCOG, MEAP & MYA, Skowhegan, UMCOA in addition to regular Technical assistance.
  • Continued Service Enterprise cohort organization, encourage re-entry by Dempsey Center & supported MCHPP in exploring recertification options
  • Submitted and was approved for CIF budget revision to incorporate unspent encumbered funds not accounted for in original carryover budget to AmeriCorps agency.
  • Individual meetings with all VGF grantees to clarify closeout requirements and missing reports
  • Provided outreach and support to new potential applicants from Midcoast Youth Center and Maine Career Centers as well as continuing to support Public Health program development and multiple groups within Maine Department of Education, including their participation in a pre-apprenticeship model program workshop

Issues to be aware of

  • New Grantee Training will begin in June and continue throughout the summer with 2 dates in June,3 in July and 2 in August in addition to regularly scheduled Technical Assistance meetings.  New grantee staff is required to participate, and all grantee staff are welcome.  Trainings will be via Zoom except for a planned face-to-face TA meeting in August.  All Commissioners are welcome to participate in the luncheon on August 5th
  • AmeriCorps allows for “waivers” for certain situations in relation to the required elements of the National Service Criminal History Record Check.  We have pursued waivers in two cases. The first for individuals who are required to be checked under new Maine DHHS rules which are more restrictive than AmeriCorps, making the fingerprint portion redundant; and for incarcerated individuals who are otherwise eligible but who cannot obtain a fingerprint scan due to their status. In the latter case the waiver allows for the Department of Corrections to certify that the individual meets the minimum standard for eligibility based on previously taken fingerprint records.

Major focus of effort in the new month

  • Final VGF federal Closeout report.
  • Complete online course for AmeriCorps Planning
  • Update training materials and set training agendas for the various training dates

Other activity

  • Facilitated E & E Task Force Meeting and follow-up.
  • Ongoing AmeriCorps & VGF Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.
  • Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.

Prepared by Michael Ashmore, Program Development & Training Officer