AmeriCorps NCCC

Be part of the recovery

Individuals age 18-26 are eligible to apply to AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC). What is NCCC? It is a residential program designed for young adults who want to serve full-time, on a tight-knit team, by responding to emergencies.

Approximately 2,200 members serve in AmeriCorps NCCC Traditional and FEMA Corps each year. Members are assigned to one of four regional campuses, located in Vinton, IA, Sacramento, CA, Vicksburg, MS and Aurora, CO. Members remain on campus during initial training and return to campus between projects for “transition.” The remainder of the service term is typically spent away from campus at assigned project locations throughout the given region.

Ready for an adventure? Learn about life in NCCC, get information on member benefits (like an education award, travel and lodging), find answers to FAQs, and apply on the AmeriCorps federal website.