MULTIPLE ALERTS: CMV 101 registration, join our volunteer managers network, CVA study group

Register today: Certificate in Management of Volunteers Fall 2021 

Developed and offered by Volunteer Maine, the state service commission, this course is designed for everyone responsible for designing, implementing, or sponsoring volunteer programs. It also is a good refresher for anyone re-entering the field or individuals who expect to take on leadership roles in their communities or agencies. Use the link below to access more info.

CMV 101

Join the Maine Volunteer Managers Network

Join us for our first meeting, November 9th at 12 pm. We will be sharing details of the responses we received from the Impact of COVID-19 on Volunteering, asking for feedback, and sharing some resources available for volunteer programs. Use the link below to access more info.

Maine Volunteer Managers Network

Interested in receiving your Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA)? We have a study group!

A CVA signals a commitment to excellence and demonstrate the knowledge needed to competently attract, onboard, and support dedicated volunteers and community members. Planning on taking the exam and want to learn with your peers? Use the link below to access more info.

CVA study group